The Hazel Project

Over the last year, you've heard me talk a little bit about the Transmedia Artists Guild. At SXSW, we had our coming-out party and announced a rough site and some forums we'd love for you to join -- but much more important, we announced our first big initiative, the Hazel Project.

Hazel Grian is a transmedia creator based in the UK who has done some awesome high profile work, including an ARG for Star Trek and the two-player experience 221b for Sherlock Holmes. She also builds physical robots like Tweeture that interact with social media.

A few months ago, Hazel suffered a personal tragedy in which she lost both her home and the ability to pursue her livelihood. She has been invited to speak at the Storyworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco later this year, and we want to help get her there.

If you have it to give, please donate whatever you can to help Hazel reclaim her life. And please, please take a few minutes to Tweet, blog, or email about this even if you don't have money to spare.

Transmedia practitioners are reaching that critical mass at which we become a full-fledged community. And this is precisely the sort of thing around which a community should rally. Let's prove we take care of our own.

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