During SXSW, the team over at Six to Start went and launched a fun locative storytelling platform called Wanderlust. It's a clever idea -- it uses the venue type of a place Foursquare instead of a precise location. So the story might ask you to visit a park to read the next bit of story, but it doesn't have to be, say, Central Park -- it can be any park in the world. It's a web application instead of an iPhone/Droid app, so (if I understand correctly) you can use it on any mobile device with a web browser and GPS. And the best part is you can write your own stories for Wanderlust, too!

I've already had the great privilege to write just a tiny story myself, along with creators the likes of Naomi Alderman and Adrian Hon. Mine is Ivy. I'm honestly a bit nervous about it, because it's very much like the kinds of things I write when nobody is looking. If you happen to go through it, do let me know what you think!

On another note, I've been dipping my fingers into a lot of pies lately, and as a result I've been doing a lot of promoting at the expense of meatier content. Alas, time is short. But I now have a glut of stuff to write about, so things around Deus Ex M should be getting a little more interesting again.

In the coming days, I'll be writing more on the Transmedia Artists Guild, the Hazel Project, a post mortem on Ready for the Big Chill, a summary of my transmedia ethics talk at SXSW, annnnnd yes, I'm sorry, a couple more project launches. But hey, I can't keep this pace up forever...

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