The Maester's Path

I've just received word that I can talk a little about one of the projects keeping me busy lo these past few months -- I've been a copywriter on the team making The Maester's Path, a part of the marketing campaign for HBO's Game of Thrones. (Premiering April 17, exclusively on HBO!)

(This show is going to be *so awesome*, you guys, and I am not even kidding a little bit. I seriously can't wait to see the finished project.)

Anyway -- the project has been really interesting to work on. Obviously George R.R. Martin has an intense fan following, and it was very important to us to get everything pitch-perfect and true to the spirit of the show and the books.

And at the same time, given the nature and scope of the work, it would be a bad idea to try and create new canon for the characters, so setting up Twitter accounts for the Lannisters just wasn't the right way to go. Instead, the brilliant strategic minds at Campfire came up with a sensory tour of the Seven Kingdoms to introduce the world itself.

I have therefore had several recent conversations that went something like this: "No, we can't use that sweaty cotton scent for the Dothraki... it's against canon, they mainly use leathers and woven grasses." Good times, good times.

Photo by cc_chapman on Flickr.

I consider myself very lucky for being a part of this project. Stuff like this doesn't come along every day, and the team I've been a part of have been incredibly dedicated to getting it right. If you haven't already, please go check it out and let me know what you think!

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