The Transmedia Purity Test

On Wednesday night, Sara Thacher observed to me that we're sorely lacking in 1990s-style purity tests for the transmedia community. She was right. And now, somehow* her idea has turned into an actual thing!

Go and take the Transmedia Purity Test now! Tweet your score! Let the good times roll, the hilarities ensue, and other forms of levity progress full speed ahead!

And in case you were wondering about my score... I'm 42% transmedia pure. I've dabbled in the dark side of transmedia... but there are more and darker paths left to walk.

* By "somehow" I of course mean I wrote some questions with Sara and then she and Jon Le Plastrier did all of the hard work to make it an actual thing that exists and also works. Give them hugs the next time you see them for me, OK?

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