Creative Spotlight: Lucas J.W. Johnson

Keep your eyes on Lucas J.W. Johnson, ladies and gents. You might have seen him around the Twittersphere as @floerianthebard. Or you might know him under his Silverstring Media banner. You might have run into him at any one of several conferences! If you don't know him, now is your alert that he should be on your radar. Lucas is a just lovely combination of ambitious and eager to improve his craft. And boy howdy does he have a lot of stuff on his plate these days!

For starters, Lucas has been doing a really interesting series of interviews with creators from David Varela to Chuck Wendig to Brian Clark (and yes, I admit, even me.) That's not all he does to build community and share knowledge, either. Lucas is also the organizer of the brand-new enclave in Canada, the Transmedia Vancouver Meetup.

Even beyond community involvement, Lucas checks the boxes for doing the work, too. One of his projects is The Time Tribe, a multiplatform project that is almost certainly going to be a big hit with fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. 

And if that's not enough to wow you, Lucas has recently relaunched his indie transmedia project Azrael's Stop, after a breathtakingly honest post-mortem and hiatus. Lucas has shown an exceptional dedication to sharing what he's learned with the community, even when it doesn't particularly benefit him. We are all the better for having him among us.

I expect great things, you guys. Great things. Stay tuned.

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