A Creator's Chat About Transmedia Storytelling

At StoryWorld last week, I lamented the fact that when the conference was over, I'd return to my solitary existence as a be-pajamaed freelancer whose sole interaction with other human beings during the day is often limited to hearing the scrape and thud of the mailman as he passes by. It's enough to make a girl a little stir-crazy.

And then the unbelievably clever Scott Walker suggested I create a sort of weekly virtual salon. So I got to thinking about the periodic chats we used to hold under the banner of the IGDA ARG SIG. Scott was right, I thought. Those were great. Let's do that again!

And so let me introduce you to A Creator's Chat About Transmedia Storytelling, a weekly salon in which transmedia creators can get together for a while and talk about what's on their minds. Right now I have them scheduled for 1pm Eastern time on Tuesdays, but it's possible we'll move the time around a little to find something the most convenient for the most people.

A Creator's Chat isn't meant to be a very formal thing. Oh, sure, I might announce topics as a starting point, but this is really meant as an exercise in community-building, not consensus-building. So kick off your shoes, brew a nice hot cup of caffeinated beverage, and let's hang out online. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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