Post Your Juvenilia Week

My friends, we all have works in our past that are best left forgotten, or locked deep in the back of a drawer, never to see the loving gaze of a reader's eyes again. Maybe it's poetry; maybe a slurry of adverbs striving toward epic fantasy. Perhaps, purely hypothetically, it was, say, self-insertion Mary Sue ElfQuest fanfic. Ahem.

You could argue that as time has passed and skill has grown, these labors of our teen years (and earlier!) should be left in eternal obscurity. You would even be right! But I say we should give these early works new life. Own up to your early works and see how you've improved, and how you haven't. Flaunt your inborn talent -- or prove you've got to where you are through countless years of hard work at developing your craft.

So here's the scoop: Sometime tomorrow, I'm going to post something I wrote in high school. I'd like to encourage you, too, to post something from long ago -- and the more embarrassingly bad, the better! Link out to it in comments so we don't miss your early masterwork. Photographs of you at the time of authorship strictly optional.

Come on, doitdoitdoit you know you want to.

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