Internet, I need your help.

I'm having a bit of a debate with a good friend about the role of art in our culture today. This friend posits that we are in a period of great innovation in form (a la the advent of transmedia) but that our artists have nothing much to offer in terms of big new ideas to be conveyed in these forms. That we are culturally in a period of stagnation.

I disagree most vehemently, and I came up with a few counter examples on my own. But I'd like your help collecting even more. So tell me: What are the Big Ideas of our time? What amazing new ideas are artists driven to express? You can even move beyond art, if you like, and share big ideas developing in culture, business, government, etc. (Or, to be fair, if you think we are in a period lacking in big ideas, you're welcome to support that claim, as well.)

Lively debate on the topic is welcome, but let's keep it friendly -- and hopefully by the end, this thread will serve as an amazing resource of things to get excited about.

So! What do you have to share?

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