Empty Brain

I finished my draft of A Creator's Guide in late October, and sent it to my editor on Halloween. And that concluded the mad dash of nonstop projects that has been my 2011. Whew.

In theory, this would mean that after a brief rest, I should be dashing onward to all of the other things piling up on my plate: A pitch for this, a coffee for that, a few thousand words on the other. I've got no lack of things to be working on, between my ChoiceScript game, Balance of Powers, a novel to revise and sell, short stories I've promised to write, and my top-secret plans for world domination through engaging original transmedia narrative.

And I suppose, in theory, I should be hustling up some new paying work, as I'm completely unbooked for the next six weeks or so, as far as paying work is concerned. (Call me!)

Since I've finished my book, though, my brain is curiously... empty. Exhausted, I suppose, from spending too many months jumping from one frying pan to the next. You guys, I'm just so, so tired. Sure, I'm still doing things: Blogging and StoryWorld and houseguests and recording Shiva's Mother to audio and starting A Creator's Chat so on. But it's not enough, and not fast enough, and not the things I want to be moving ahead the most urgently.

Alas. It'll pass, I'm sure. I just wish I knew how long I could expect it to be before I'm properly myself again, and if there were anything in the world I could do to hurry it along a bit. Or maybe it's just that I work so much better on a team and on a deadline than by myself.

At any rate, advice on decreasing the refractory period of the creative spirit is very, very welcome.

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