Comment Moderation

There are a lot of things I like about SquareSpace, but their spam filtering is truly awful. Truly, truly, awful beyond belief. I've been waking up to new handfuls of spam comments every morning -- probably on the order of 50 new ones a week.

Worse, that means anyone who subscribes for notifications of new comments on a post is getting spammed, too, rendering that feature worthless. And that's why I moved to SquareSpace to begin with!

So I am for the time being regretfully turning on moderation for anonymous comments. Sorry for the trouble; and rest assured I'm not the sort who would hold comments just because I disagree with them. Any and all non-spammy and non-trolly comments will be approved just as soon as I see them.

Hopefully this will make Deus Ex Machinatio a better place for conversation. Thanks for your patience with me!

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