Plots Within Schemes

Have you been wondering where my head is at lately? Missed the days of more-frequent blog posting? Curious about the glamorous daily goings-on of a transmedia creator by day, suburban mom by night? You're in luck! Because I'm about to tell you all about where I am now, and where I plan to go through the next couple of months.

* First, I am not yet at StoryWorld. I'm coming -- don't worry! -- but first I have two small girls, two small costumes, and a whole lot of fun-sized candy that need seeing to. I should be there around noon or 12:30 on Tuesday; don't all go to lunch without me!

* Once I'm at StoryWorld, I'll be on the "Show Me the Money" panel at 3:45pm on Tuesday. Should be a good time, and I hope to see you there!

* Next up: I delivered the manuscript for 'A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storyelling' to my editor last night. Whew. The projected publication date is June 2012. And when I can see past the anxiety, I think it might even be a pretty good book! Or so my first readers are telling me. I'll try to post some thoughts on the writing of a nonfiction book a little later on.

* I have just a little bit of paying work at the moment; it's a pleasant break, after my spring of let's-launch-fifty-things-all-at-once. I have bandwidth for more, though, so if you have a light project going through the end of the year, you're more than welcome to reach out.

* Meanwhile, I've been thinking about NaNoWriMo this year, and it's official: I'm going to write a ChoiceScript game in November. I've been noodling with an idea for a long time now (maybe a year and a half?) so I'm very excited to finally get cracking on it. It is a superhero game! It will probably be funny, or at least it is going to amuse the heck out of me. Working title: Superior.

* Beyond that, I need to get Shiva's Mother posted and recorded, craft the bespoke short stories for my star funders, get cracking on Balance of Powers, and start plotting out what I'd like to accomplish next year. There's a novel I'd like to sell and a series of YA books I need to write up a business plan for, just for a start.

But for now... it's nice to catch my breath. And how have you been?

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