See Thomas Dolby!

I am delighted to (somewhat belatedly) let you know that Thomas Dolby is embarking on a tour where he'll be talking about Floating City -- and other things, of course, like, say, music. It's sure to be fabulously interesting.

The tour starts today in D.C., winds through the United States over the next couple of weeks, and then picks up next month in the U.K. The full list of dates and locations is on the charming Mr. Dolby's web site. Check out the list to see if you can make one.

You'd best hurry, though, since today's show is already sold out and there's no telling how long the others will still be available -- though if there isn't a show near you, it looks like you can tune in to listen on XM Radio. Not as good as live, but better than nothing!

On Wednesday, the show will be in New York, and I will of course be there. I'd love it if you could stop by! Flag me down and say hello if you see me.


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