Shiva's Mother

A couple of years ago, I wrote a short story called Shiva's Mother. I was very proud of it. I was even more proud when it placed in the Writers of the Future contest (but didn't win, alas.)

I've tried over the last couple of years to sell it to various paying markets. I have a lot of notes back saying it was beautifully written, but not quiiiiite a good fit for their magazines. Alas.

Meanwhile, I've been seeing writers go straight to the self-publishing and crowdfunding path for works that couldn't find a traditional publisher. And I've been... curious. Compelled. Not quite enough to do it myself, because I am quite frankly terrified that it would turn out I don't have any fans after all, or at least not that would pay for my fiction. A terrifying but very real possibility.

But I try hard not to let fear make my choices for me, and it turns out there's something I could really, really use the money for... so I decided it's time to give it a shot. I bring you the Kickstarter for Shiva's Mother: To fund in 14 days or less. 

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