Irregular Creatures

Do you have some time to burn and three bucks jingling in your pocket? Have I got the perfect thing for you. Yesterday, Chuck Wendig released a book to Kindle. You know Chuck, right? Straight talker, writing guru, swears like a pirate -- hell, like the whole ship of pirates -- and so very, very funny.

That Chuck Wendig put a book of short stories out. It's called Irregular Creatures. I haven't read it yet, because I have a whole slew of stupid deadlines. But I know Chuck. If he wrote it, I am reading it. I bought my copy the minute I found out the thing was on sale. You go buy yours, too. Or if you prefer to avoid Amazon, you can get a PDF from the man himself for the same price.

It's a bold thing he did, going the Kindle route. I've considered it myself, from time to time. Let's help make sure he gets the sales and whuffie he deserves, OK?