Tweeting the Same Old Song

I generally tweet an announcement when I put a post up here. It's a definite boon to my traffic, and given how many Twitter followers I get afterward, people on Twitter seem to like it. Given that my ratio of tweeting such posts vs. other stuff is fairly low, I feel like that's pretty non-douchey.

Sometimes, though, I'll tweet that link a second time, and sometimes even a third. Why? Well, because I generally publish posts when I write them and people are likely to miss my 11pm announcement. Also because my readership is genuinely global, and no matter when I tweet, some people are bound to be asleep. I don't know about you, but I don't often catch up with what went on in my twitterstream while I was sleeping.

Each time I do this, I try to wait by a few hours, and I do get another spike in traffic and retweets. This would seem to indicate that it's serving its intended purpose, and people don't seem to mind it.

That said, I don't want to be That Girl. Neurosis over appearing to be a self-promotional douchebag is my constant companion. So let me take it to you, gentle readers. When is this OK, if ever? When isn't it? What makes the difference, in your eyes?

Note that the question on the table is not "Is Andrea a douchebag?" and I will not be offended if you come down on, "Actually, Tweeting links to your own stuff sucks, babe, that's what RSS is for."

So c'mon, ladies and gentlemen, tell me how you really feel.


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