Tell Me a Secret

I'd like to ask a favor of you. Yeah, you! I want you to tell me a secret. --But hold your horses, what I'm looking for is very specific.

I'm working on an art project (or to be more specific, I'm working on a grant proposal for an art project). The piece is a location-driven audio field of anonymous whispers. It's intended to be a meditation on the nature of social media, in which the deepest thoughts of perfect strangers are commonly secreted in public venues. You can stumble across intensely personal content, but never know the basic context of that person's life. My working title is 'Intimacy.'

For my proposal, I'd like to collect audio files from you. Yes, I still mean you! If you'd like to participate, then please record yourself whispering a secret, a thought, a confession, and then email it to me. My only criteria are as follows:

  • I have a deadline. If you can get me your recording by Friday Aug. 27, I'd really appreciate it. (Secrets emailed after that can be in the final work, just not the grant proposal.)

  • The shorter the better -- under 15 seconds is good, and under 10 is even better. You can go a little longer if you really need to, though, if you need the time to say what you mean.

  • Entries commenting on your personal relationship with technology, or technology-mediated relationships with other people, are especially welcome (but again, submit what's in your heart, as long as it fits with the theme of the piece.)

  • Icky legal stuff -- please cut and paste the following text into your email to give me permission to use your entry.

I hereby give Andrea Phillips permission to use this audio recording in her proposed work 'Intimacy.' Ms. Phillips may use this recording as part of a grant proposal or part of an artwork that may be presented to the public. Ms. Phillips may not use this recording for any other work without obtaining additional permission from me. Ms. Phillips will not disclose my identity or contact information to any third party unless compelled to by a court of law or law enforcement.

So you're ready? Great! Just email me your submission. And thanks for participating!

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