Walking the Talk

After that massive piece on how to make money with transmedia, I've gone and channeled just a little of that indie spirit myself. 

Ladies and gents, I'm proud to present Ask Madame Zee. I've been (sometimes sporadically) using Madame to tell futures on Twitter for a couple of years now. It's a nice daily exercise in writing for the pure enjoyment of it, and some people seem to really adore Madame, so everyone wins!

And now Madame has a blog to answer questions at greater length. The problem is that Madame can't answer questions if nobody asks them... so it would be a tremendous help to me if you could email Madame for advice. 

Per my own suggestion, Madame is free content, but she does accept donations to keep her in tea leaves. This is, of course, purely optional; I'll see how it goes. Since I'm sure you'd all be interested, I'll report back here with some hard numbers in a few months.

I'm pretty sure a blog and a Tweet stream don't qualify as transmedia, exactly, but it's creative and it's digital. It's a start, right?

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