Help -- Sponsor ARGfest!

If you happen to have a few spare dollars lying around right now, I'd urge you to pass them on to ARGfest, which is struggling with some urgent funding issues.

We hate to admit it, but this AMAZING event is DESPERATE for sponsors! We’ve received a great deal of support, but it is just not enough to cover our expenses.  

We have until July 18 to pay the bill and need a minimum of $6,000 to cover the difference (we hope to have more exact figures on Wednesday). If you can help out, please do! If you already have, THANK YOU!

ARGfest is an amazing event, and Brooke is an amazing person for organizing it -- it would be a tragedy for this funding shortage to come due to her personally. If there's any way you can help out, either as a sponsor or as a donor, then I urge you to do so -- and fast!

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