The Long Dark Middle of the Soul

Every project has a middle. 

The dreaded, dreary, dark and depressing middle. 

Interactive projects have it, but so do, say, novels. Or even things outside of the realm of the arts and entertainment! School years have a middle. So do diets and exercise programs, or road trips, or TV seasons. You could say life itself has a bit of a dreary middle. Even cars, clothes, and everyday household items have a long, desperate middle in between "new" and "vintage." 

...but back to interactive work. 

Middles suck because you've lost the contact-high from your sparkleshiny big idea, you haven't yet hit the buzztastic fresh jolt of end-in-sight, and you still need to clock in all of those hours of work to keep moving. One foot in front of the other. One page after another. On and on and on and on. 

I've got a couple of middles cooking right now, and it has me wondering how other people go the distance. So I'm taking it to you: How do you keep your spirits high, your motivation unflagging? How do you keep inching forward day after day? What keeps you sane, what keeps you moving? What absolutely doesn't work at all? Any and all experiences and war stories welcome.

Oh, and did I mention you guys are the best? Because you so are.

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