Sew By Numbers

Do you remember my creative spotlight on Haley Moore? In it, I hinted that she was doing something super-duper awesome that I could not yet talk about. I'm proud to say that the awesome has arrived.

I'd like you to meet Annabelle.


Annabelle is my first (somewhat hastily constructed) doll from Haley's killer-awesome new project, Sew By Numbers. Here's how SBN works:

  1. You download a pattern from the SBN site

  2. You print it on a sheet of printable fabric (make sure it's not transfer paper!)

  3. Peel away the fabric backing, cut the pattern out, and stitch!

The result is a hand-sized plushie that you can customize however you desire. With Annabelle, I went simple and sketched on a face with a Sharpie. 

But the beauty of SBN is that Haley has placed the whole thing under a Creative Commons license, and she'll be making the template available for you to alter -- and then you can print your custom doll directly onto the pattern. Sky's the limit, folks. I've already been privy to some of the amazing creativity SBN is catalyzing, and this is definitely a project to watch.

Go on. Go do it now. Stitch, stitch. You know you want to! I've already done it once, and I want to do a whole bunch more.

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