August and Everything After

I was gnawing on my fingernails today, trying to decide if I could justify upgrading to the sparkly new iPhone 4, when an unpleasant thought entered my brain, and has not yet left it. To wit:

I don't yet have contracts lined up from about, say, August. This means I do not have paying work lined up, which in turn means I do not have any cash flow lined up. Oh noes!

This kind of uncertainty is, of course, a given when you're a freelancer. Them's the breaks, that's how I roll, etc. etc. And even though I am currently more booked than is strictly comfortable... August will come around pretty fast. 

That means it's time to put on my hustling shoes and try to persuade one of you out there (and most preferably one of you with a very juicy budget) that you should hire me for game design or transmedia work, or writing, or possibly even both

It will be awesome! I'm easy to work with and my projects are award-winning now and again! 

And you wouldn't want me to have to do without the shiny, shiny gadgets I want, would you? Because until I've got some contracts signed... I really don't think I should upgrade. And this disciplined act of fiscal responsibility makes me very, very sad.

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