Unlocking Cloudmakers

It might surprise you to know that the old Cloudmakers Yahoo! group is still there. It's been dormant for years, of course, and we've locked it down to protect against spammers. But every now and again, I still get an email from somebody asking for their pending membership to be approved.

That happened today, and it got me to thinking that maybe there's a better solution.

See, the Yahoo! group is host to a lot of legacy information -- files and data that were created by the Cloudmakers when we were actively playing the Beast. But there's no way to make that information publicly viewable; the Yahoo! group simply doesn't have the right settings. 

So I'm thinking about copying the files and databases and slapping 'em up on a simple legacy page here on my blog (or, potentially, adding it to the archival material at Cloudmakers.org, a better solution but not one I can implement by myself.) I feel like this would be a public good, taking a significant piece of our community's history and making it more accessible.

But given my Facebook stance of late, I'm also very sensitive to the idea that this might be a violation of privacy. So I'm taking it to you, the public, many of whom are Cloudmakers. Do you see a violation of trust or privacy if I were to mirror the locked Cloudmakers data elsewhere? 

...even the nightmare database?

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