Augmented Reality Gaming Roadmap

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a little paper on where I thought augmented reality games would go as disparate technologies grew cheaper and easier to integrate. It's interesting to see how it holds up; a lot of the kinds of games I predicted have become available in the iPhone App Store even already.

I've been referencing this document more and more over the last several weeks. I kept wanting to refer people to things I'd written in this paper. But I realized that while I wrote this for ISMAR 2009, I'd never made it available online. 

It's past time that I fix that. I'd love to have more discussion of the topic and whether (and where) I'm right or wrong. So here, for your enjoyment, is my paper, 'Games in AR: Types and Technologies.' 

It's a little denser than my usual writing -- I use five-dollar words like 'taxonomies' and 'proprioception' -- but I like to think the ideas are both accessible and worth opening up to a larger audience to see if they can endure the tests of time and community scrutiny.

Have fun with it, kids!

Augmented Reality Game Roadmap ISMAR09