Fleeting Fame, Routes, and My Super First Day

Three things, my lovelies. Stay with me.

First: My campaign of world domination continues apace. Or, if you prefer a gentler approach, Heavens! I appear to be famous, however briefly. 

This week, I've been honored with interviews from ARG Reporter and Jeff Watson, who both asked interesting questions I hope I lived up to. Thanks to both of them for the opportunity! (And if you want your own copy of How to Win at Anything, find them here.)

I also make a brief appearance in a sprawling article on ARGs over at GamePro, if you like that kind of thing.  

Second: I've been talking about Routes quite a lot lately, at conferences and coffee meetings, so I put together a project summary. Now I have something I can point to when the need arises (and you do, too, should the subject ever come up). Or if you happen to be curious.

And! Finally! Tomorrow is the very last day I'll be accepting My Super First Day submissions for the foreseeable future. It's unlikely I'll do another round before early July, so quick! Jot something down and send it in! There's not much time!

I'll have my own submission for this round up sometime tomorrow.

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