Beyond the Brunette, New and Improved!

If you missed my talk at SXSW this year, I've got great news for you -- the full audio of the talk is now online, so I called in a favor from the diversely talented Jim Gramze and arranged for him to magically transform the slides and video into one beautifully orchestrated whole. Behold:

ARGs and Women: Moving Beyond the Hot Brunette from Andrea A. Phillips on Vimeo.

It's almost as good as being there! Except you won't be able to see my rockin' steampunk gloves this way. Too bad for you. 

If you're in the market for something a bit more low-key than this, you can also just listen to the audio, available from SXSW, and the original Keynote slides plus my notes are still on Slideshare. 

I'm really proud of how the talk went, and am always happy to take the conversation further. Let me know what you think!

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