Creative Spotlight: Jim Gramze

One of the things I most admire about all of the creators I'm highlighting this week is their independent spirit --nobody here is asking permission or looking for validation first. They're just sitting down and doing the work. This is especially true for my next creative superstar, Jim Gramze

Jim is a performer turned composer, and I admire him fiercely because he is absolutely not afraid to take creative risks and put the result out there. The results are tracks in a range of styles, from movie-soundtrack classical (Black Cloud) to quirky mysterious (the misleadingly named Self-Indulgent Crap) to trance-infused prog-rock (Pink Amber.) 

And I probably described all of it completely wrong, because I am really not qualified to be categorizing anybody's experimental music. 

Just take my word that it's positively brimming with awesome and go on over to his MySpace page to take a listen. It's like a candy sampler, except with music. I bet it'll inspire you, too!

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