Creative Spotlight: Jay Bushman

I've blogged about Jay before, for his Loose-Fish projects The Good Captain and his Spoon River anthology. But you really want to hear about the latest from him -- he's taken his talent at literary adaptation and bent it into some wonderful new pop-art configurations.

In 2009, Jay did the infamous SXStarWars and replicated the climactic trench run on Twitter. This year, he naturally did the sequel -- The Empire Tweets Back. Using Twitter's new list functionality, he's put together a production of Empire that you can follow along with on Twitter whenever the mood strikes you. It's running right now, go take a look!

But I have to tell you, my most favorite Jay Bushman Special was what he did for Halloween last year, and that I shamefully didn't call your attention to in time: Cthalloween. Jay organized the rise of the Lovecraftian Elder Gods on Twitter as one massively collaborative, synchronized whole, and it was freaking awesome.

The next time he does something like that, I'll tell you ahead of time, folks. I swear I will. You won't want to miss it.

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