Creative Spotlight: Haley Moore

You know the best part about working in transmedia? The company I get to keep. My world is filled with smart, crazy talented, creative people, and it's a gift to know them. But there's no reason I should have all the luck -- you should know them, too. 

I'm dedicating this week to shining a light on just a few of those amazing people and the work that they do.

First up: Haley Moore, artist, writer, prolific creator. Her most recent project is Rule of Three, an Etsy shop filled with arcane items 100% guaranteed not to be magical in any way whatsoever. Seems our Haley has become fed up with the con artists on Etsy and eBay who sell "fairies" and "ghosts" trapped in ten-cent tchotchkes at a 5000% markup. (Read more about it in her artist's statement.)

Her competing products, which come with a Certificate of Quackery, are beautiful to look at; there may not be real magic in them, but there is real craftsmanship. And the descriptions are pitch-perfect, if you're familiar with the genre:


A radical cleansing, not for the faint. Aural impurities are burnt to ash and flit or fall away from the space, based on the weather. The aura is reduced to its most basic, aligned form. Clean auras create a sense of peace, well being and balance, within and without.

Each scroll's core is formed from pinion-rosemary incense and birch twiglets.

This spell is intended for spaces only, and only where other spellwork has failed. It can be abrasive to spaces with especially subtle or mixed basic auras, removing subtleties that will take time to regrow. Do not use on the living!

While you're at it, check out some of Haley's other work. She also makes robots, jewelry, and an upcoming secret project involving sharp, pointy things that I can't wait to tell you about. Stay tuned, guys.

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