Heroes: Kate Harding

If you haven't heard of Kate Harding, boy howdy are you missing out. Ms. Harding is a blogger and activist devoted to the shocking idea that fat people should be treated like intelligent human beings, and not stupid sacks of moral failure. It's an idea whose time has definitely come.

She founded a blog, Shapely Prose, some years ago, that has been instrumental in forming a lot of my current thinking on feminism, fat, prejudice, and self-acceptance. This was my gateway to such earth-shaking ideas as "Eating a cupcake is not a morally charged act," and "Women should not be obligated to look hot for the benefit of random strangers." Through her blog I learned that people in the overweight BMI category are actually the ones likely to live the longest, and got some amazing perspective on what BMI looks like in practice. It's eyebrow-raising.

That blog is still active, though these days it's run largely by her equally witty co-bloggers; Harding herself has been busy using her pen for the forces of good on such topics as Roman Polanski, plus-size model Crystal Renn, and cyberbullying. Oh, and: She's got a book out.

Kate Harding, y'all. She's smart and funny. She tells it like it is and backs it up with science. She, too, isn't afraid of any consequences for sticking up for herself and what she believes in. 

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