Take Our Survey, Please!

Over at ARGology, I've posted a link to the first-ever ARG community demographic survey, which has an added-on salary survey for those of us who participate in making ARGs for money. But please, take the survey even if you're a player who's never remotely wanted to make an ARG. The information on who ARG players are is just as important!

We're going to be very open about the results from this survey. I'm hoping to get a rough picture of who ARG players are, who ARG developers are, and hopefully also get some public information out on what kind of rates ARG professionals are charging. This should help freelancers like me judge if their quotes are in line with the rest of the field, and help employers with a ballpark in budgeting, so hopefully a net good all around. 

Please, go and take the survey now! And help spread the word to other ARG players and creators. The more participation we get, the more reliable our data will be. Thanks so much!

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