Madame Zee on Hiatus

As a part of Get It Done Days, I am officially putting Madame Zee on hiatus -- both her Twitter feed and her only-just-hardly-launched advice column. This means that I'm giving myself permission not to post for a while; and more important, since I haven't been posting for a while already, to not feel guilty over it.

It's likely that I'll return to Madame Zee. After all, the purpose of Zee is for me to stay in touch with the whimsical-self-amusement part of writing. That's priceless. But I also need to focus my efforts a little more carefully, at least for now. Doing a dozen things at once, and all of them badly, doesn't help anybody in the end, and least of all myself.

So for now: Hiatus. It might be weeks, it might be months, it's possible (thought not likely) that I'll never go back at all. But I'm sure you'll do OK without Madame no matter what happens. I believe in you, peaches.

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