2010 in Review

It's a bit early for year-in-review posts, but you'll have to forgive me; for various reasons, my mind is in a taking-stock and planning-for-the-future mode. Let me tell you about my 2010, and tell you how I can use your help in 2011. And when I'm done, I'd love to hear about what you've made in 2010, and what you're planning for 2011. Any and all shameless self-promotion short of outright spamination welcome in comments!

So, About 2010

This has been a curious year for me. I've worked on no less than a half-a-dozen distinct for-pay projects in the 2010 calendar year, and not a one of them will be launching until next year. It's been a little disappointing to me; I hate to look like I've been idle a whole year. On the other hand, I'm going to look like some sort of dynamo in the spring -- but don't be deceived, that'll be all of 2010 going live at the same time. I'll say more about each of these projects as the time comes.

I've also launched a number of half-baked personal initiatives, as is my way. Of them, I am most proud of Will It Be OK? and The TSA Choice. These have a common goal: trying to make the world a slightly nicer place to live in. I am modestly proud of myself, and very proud of the team that turned The TSA Choice from a half-baked scheme into reality.

I also learned this year that I'm capable of juggling several projects at once. I've long been reluctant  to overbook myself; but this year I discovered that I thrive on being just at the brink of overbooked. This has brought me serious food for thought in deciding how I budget my time; more on that in the next section.

And finally, this appears to be the year that I hit the big time, so to speak; after laboring at roughly the same work for lo these many years, suddenly in 2010 I tapped into the zeitgeist, or achieved notoriety, or something. Or maybe it's just that I finally became willing to hit the conference circuit. At any rate, I had any number of incredibly flattering invitations to speak, and my blog and Twitter readership has grown by leaps and bounds. Thanks to all of you who have helped make this possible. I certainly couldn't have done it in a vacuum.

What's New in 2011, Andrea?

I am so glad you asked! I'm still planning 2011... and I'm going to need your help to get very far.

First, I need your help in obtaining a little filthy lucre. Of late, I've been involved in a lot of fantastically rewarding projects, both personally and on a professional-development level. Alas, one cannot pay the bills with work that is solely personally rewarding, and so I need to start hustling for work in 2011 that actually pays in cash money. If you could use my services, or know of somebody who might, now is a good time to put your dibs on my time for 2011. Email today!

However, in 2010 I've also done a lot of soul-searching about having a career that relies solely on hanging around and waiting for marketing or entertainment folk to call me up. I worry it's not ultimately sustainable; and certainly hustling take a lot of time and energy away from the stuff I actually love -- telling stories. So I'm also trying to move into bigger and more ambitious personal projects, now that I know I have the mental bandwidth to do so without abandoning my freelance career -- and hopefully create some alternate revenue streams while I'm at it.

The lowest hanging fruit for me seems to be in wading into traditional publishing. First up: a nonfiction book based on my Writing for Transmedia series. I'm already getting requests for such a book, and I've roughed out a proposal. I'd love to make this thing happen.

I'm also in the final stages of polishing a traditionally structured, non-transmedia novel -- Revision, about a wiki where your edits come true. I don't know where to go with it when I'm done, though. I've given serious thought to self-publishing on Kindle; but I also crave the legitimacy of traditional publishing. Especially considering my next move: I'm starting preliminary work on a transmedia book series, probably young adult, and probably with a structure related to (for example) Cathy's Book. But... I'm not sure how to proceed, not exactly.

I'm confident I don't have the savvy to navigate publishing waters entirely on my own. It may be time for me to seek out an agent or manager. To be honest, I'm not sure what a relationship like that would look like for transmedia. Still, if you're somebody who would be interested in forming that kind of relationship with me -- or you can introduce me to somebody who you think would be a good fit -- then I would appreciate hearing from you tremendously. Please do reach out.

What About You Guys?

So that's where I'm at, and where I think I'm headed. Now I'd like to hear about what's on your plate. What have you done in 2010 that you're proud of? Any big lessons learned? And do you have a whopping 2011 in motion, or is at all still very ambiguous? Spill it all!

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