Creative Spotlight: Whiz!Bam!Pow

I love me some superheroes, and I especially love that everyone has a subtly different take on the genre. That should be clear from My Super First Day.

Which brings me to Whiz!Bam!Pow!, a comic-book-style indie superhero project currently seeking funding on IndieGoGo. They'll be creating a Golden Age-style transmedia project, and plan to have actual comics, a radio drama, and a short film. It is going to be amazing.

You guys, there are less than 48 hours remaining to contribute to Whiz!Bam!Pow! on IndieGoGo and help turn this thing into a reality. That's the home stretch -- and I want these guys to finish strong. And for every thousand dollars the raise, Tyler Weaver will be donating 100 comics from his personal collection to the innovative Comic Book Connection Initiative.

Please join me in sending them a few bucks, if you have any to spare -- and be quick, time is running out. You'll be supporting independent art and helping a couple of great, funny guys bring to life an ambitious work of transmedia. C'mon, you know you want to. Do it now.

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