Internet Vacation Open Thread

Writing is great. Fantastic! But sometimes, to be a great writer, you need to step away from the screen for a while and live. This is particularly the case when, like me, you're sitting just on the edge of burnout and don't want to tip head over teakettle into the abyss.

So this is my roundabout way of saying that I'm taking a bit of an internet vacation -- call it a week or ten days or so. I do these from time to time, but this one is a little more pre-planned than most, so I've pleaded with a couple of absolute top writers to send in guest posts while I'm away. More on that in the days to come. 

I've also set some gears turning with The TSA Choice, and I hope to have more and bigger things to announce to you by the time I return. Though it would be even better if the TSA dropped whole-body scanners between now and then, wouldn't it? Hey, a girl can dream.

So until I'm back, I'd like you to consider this an open thread on transmedia. Post your thoughts, your questions, strike up a conversation, have a good time. If all goes according to plan, you won't even notice I'm gone!

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