The TSA Choice

Thanks to the amazing outpouring of support on Twitter yesterday, I went ahead and started the ball rolling on that anti-backscatter transmedia activism plan of mine.

So far, I've put up a rudimentary website at, a Twitter feed @theTSAchoice, and I've found a developer willing to build a data collection app for the cause. More on that soon.

But there's still a ways to go. The site isn't exactly gorgeous -- they really shouldn't let me near an HTML editor anymore -- so I'd really love it if a web designer would be willing to step in and make something cleaner and more attractive. Any volunteers?

Beyond that, we need your ideas and energy. What else can we be doing to make this a more compelling case? If you have something to suggest or build, big or small, we'd like to hear it. You can leave it in comments here, email, or join our powwow on IRC. Point your favorite client to and join #thetsachoice. 

We're going to rock this thing, I can just feel it.

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