Transmedia Activism vs. the TSA

I'll be doing a bit of traveling in the near future, and so I've been doing a lot of thinking about the TSA lately. In specific, thinking about the new TSA procedures vis-a-vis security clearance for flying.

Basically, if you're in an unlucky line at an unlucky airport, the United States is giving you one of three choices: Letting a stranger look at you naked; letting a stranger grope you, even unto your private areas; or giving up and going home, forfeiting both your plane ticket and whatever you had planned at your destination.

This is so not cool, you guys. I'm pretty sure we should be free to travel -- especially if we're only traveling domestically -- without being concerned with the sovereign privacy of our naughty bits.

So I'm giving serious thought to using my transmedia powers to try to effect a change in TSA policy. I want to get rid of backscatter machines, and fast. I figure the best way to do this is to raise a big fuss about the issue on the internet to garner public support; stickers, t-shirts, widgets for websites.  Maybe also encourage people to schedule meetings with their representatives in Congress, and raise money for a traditional media buy targeting congresspeople.

But I couldn't do anything like this on my own. So my question to you, gentlefolk, is this: If I start up a campaign like this in earnest... say, toward the end of the month... would you be in? And what do you think we could do to make such a campaign more effective?

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