The TSA Choice Launches

A couple of weeks ago, I issued a call for help. An amazing group of volunteers answered, and now I present to you the fruits of our labor: The TSA Choice. But it's not done yet, and I still really need your help.


The TSA Choice has a few components; a Twitter stream, a Facebook group, and of course our website. The website is why we still need you.

We've made a map to collect your experiences making the TSA Choice -- to pose naked for strangers, or be groped by strangers. We're generating per-airport pie charts and word clouds of how these experiences made you feel. But we need data -- your data, and those of your friends and relatives. 

Go submit your experience (if any) to The TSA Choice now, and then Tweet about it or like it in Facebook to spread the word. Let's show the TSA, the airlines, tourism-based businesses, and of course our government how we really feel about the TSA choice they're forcing on us.

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