Yes, I read about the Insomniac in the papers, too. --Actually, I know her, can you believe it? We went to high school together. Yeah, for real.

I can't decide if I want to look at diamonds or sapphires today. It's for a blue gown, but I wouldn't want to be too matchy-matchy, you know? Why don't you take them all out so I can see?

Right, the Insomniac. She was just a mom at the same school as my girls, you know? We weren't close friends or anything, but there wasn't anything really unusual about her. Always tired, but that describes all of us when they're that age.

Hey, that pin with the rubies just caught my eye. Maybe what I need is a little contrast. Let me try it?

Anyway, the morning that the nanocytes broke out, she said she felt like a million bucks, but I was tired just being around her. Of course nobody knew what was going on at the time, and it took us a few weeks to figure it out. I mean, it's not like she could do anything showy, not like Astounding Man or Origami Girl. She just made you really tired, and she got more and more energetic. Some of our friends called it manic, but I didn't see it, myself.

Oh, goodness, I'm yawning. See, and now you're catching it too. Ha! That would be funny, if the Insomniac struck here while we were just talking about her? What are the odds?

No, it's not ten jewelry stores, it's eleven -- twelve -- and nine banks. Oh, and that art gallery in Stockholm. That was amazing, wasn't it? I always had a soft spot for a good heist film, how about you?

Goodness, I can't decide which of these I like better. Which do you think, the chandelier earrings or the hoops?

There you go yawning again!

Do I think they'll catch her? Oh, probably they will one day. They'll have to catch her off her guard, though, and you know she doesn't sleep anymore, right? Sorry to point out the obvious. Real shame about that officer who fell asleep at the wheel last week. I hear she sent half a million dollars to him at the hospital. She must feel really awful about the whole thing. I would, too.

Oh, goodness, no apologies necessary! It must be the cold air in here, it makes me yawn, too. Oh, you think I should try the opals? Certainly, I'd love to take a look, I adore opals.

Aw, look at you putting your head down. Poor baby. I promise you'll wake up in a couple of hours. I'll just help myself to a few things while you're out, don't mind me.

Sweet dreams, honey.

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