Shhhh... can you keep a secret?

Remember that day, one year ago, when you first woke up with your new superpower? Was it awesome or terrible? Did you save the world or did you turn to a life of infamy? 

This is an exercise in massively collaborative storytelling. What I want you to do is write a blog post about that magical technoscientific first day and how it’s affected you ever since. Don’t worry about consistency; this is all about a little semi-spontaneous fun. ^_^ 

Your deadline: It’s a squeaker, think we can get it up before Comic-Con is over? I’m thinking let’s all go live at
7pm Eastern time on Saturday night – that’s July 25

Meanwhile I’ll put up a goofy site somewhere that aggregates all of our posts for the sake of posterity. When you have your post up, email me and I’ll make sure you get the link love.

This is going to be so much fun.

Updated: If you have a blog to post your story in, that's fantastic. If you don't, I'm working on a site to collect contributions so everybody can participate. No need to email me your blog URL right now -- just email me the URL of your super first day on Saturday night. Shhh, keep it a secret until then! I'm so excited by all your enthusiasm. Thanks so much for your willingness to play along with me! 

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