Fill Up My Dance Card

I'm just about recovered from Routes, and it looks like my pernicious hardware issues are finally sorted out. That means I'm ready to get back to work making exciting stuff. I've got dozens of projects in various stages of planning (of course), but have a decided preference for stuff that's likely to be income-bearing, so I bring it to you, my faithful readers: Are you making anything I could help with? Do you know anybody who is?

My next big commitment is very tentatively scheduled to begin in late June or early July, so I've got several weeks mostly free on my dance card (in a pinch, it's likely I could push that commitment back a bit, too). If you're running an interactive online experience and you need game/interaction design or writing, I'm definitely your girl. But times and money being what they are, I'm open to all kinds of projects. Website copy? Certainly! Catalog copy? Sure! Technical documentation? Absolutely! Reasonable rates, quality guaranteed!

Go ahead and browse my LinkedIn profile, resume and writing credits. If you've got something you'd like to run by me, feel free to drop me email, or you can ping me on AIM (Andrh1a) or Skype (Andrhia). If not, well, thanks for looking, and please do pass on my availability to anyone who might need my services.

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