After These Important Messages—

If you've been expecting email from me for the past several weeks, I'm sorry I've neglected you. Routes ate me whole during the run, and I'm only slowly coming back to life now that it's all wrapping up. Right now I'm suffering through the inevitable post-project stress illness with all of its phlegmy charms. That'll probably take me the rest of the week. 

From next week, though, if you've been waiting on email from me, then email me; if you've been wanting to meet me for lunch or coffee, let's set that up soon; and if you're angry that my irregular posting has grown only less irregular over time, I'm very sorry and I'll try to do better going forward.

Stay tuned, and in the coming days (or possibly weeks) I will bring you:

  • Some ruminations on why ARGs are inconvenient to play, and how to design around that 

  • Exploration of the expectation of privacy vs. the expectation of anonymity 

  • Some closing thoughts on Routes 

  • A video explaining just how you pronounce "Deus Ex Machinatio," anyway 

Meanwhile, I was a bad, bad girl toward the end of Routes, and so overwhelmed with the process of making stuff that I failed to point you toward it so you could enjoy it. And that means i never showed you Ginger Dawn, the most incredibly wrong but oh-so-hilarious minigame of the project. I don't want to spoil the killer intro, but go have a play, you'll love it!

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