Breaking Up With Facebook

After this post, I'm going to pull the feed that lets all of my Typepad posts here at DeusXM get sucked into Facebook. I'll still let Twitter update my Facebook status, and I Tweet the URL of most of my blog entries, so those of you interested in following my blog should still get some notification. But you'll have to click through out of Facebook to actually read.

Why? Well, Facebook has changed its terms of service. Time was if you deleted your content from Facebook, that acted as revoking Facebook's license to your material. Now, they've got an irrevocable, transferable, in-perpetuity license to the stuff you put there. I really don't feel like giving them perpetual licenses to my words and photos, so I'm pulling the plug on photos and blog posts.

And here's a little word of advice to Facebook: Users aren't stupid, and they can tell when you don't respect them. If you want to keep that phenomenal market share you've soaked up in the last couple of years, you'd better start working really hard to make sure users have a good reason not to ditch you as soon as the next hot thing comes along.

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