Routes: The Plot Thickens

Have you seen the Week 3 game up at It's called ExperiMental, and it's a social media/photohunt challenge. You try to capture a photo of the most awesomest science experiment at home and upload it, and then go through and vote on the ones other players have uploaded that you like the best.

But that's not all that's going on over there. (and if you're a curtain purist, so to speak, you may want to avert your eyes right about... now.)

My heavens, it looks like there's some sort of cross-media interactive experiential cool thing going on! Not that I'd know anything about... OK, OK, who am I kidding?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is where I walk the talk. There's a game going on! Don't worry, I'm not going to start spouting off about design goals and overarching priorities at this point. But I DO think the time is right to say "Hey, looky here, I has a game, and if you generally like my work, this is what you need to look at." You see? It didn't hurt a bit.

So right, if you want to go digging up treasure, you need a map. Allow me. Right now, courtesy of Fluffy Bickles, we have a video summary of Week 1:

Annnnd hot off the presses, Week 2:

It's a great point to jump in, and we'd love to have you. If you're interested in playing along, there are of course a few more links you might like to see. I'd love to hear what you think, but I'm afraid I'm not going to enter into much of a dialog about Routes until the show is over, so to speak, so I apologize in advance if I'm uncharactersitically silent.

Have fun!

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