ISMAR 2009

So hey! Next week -- specifically, next Tuesday -- I'll be at ISMAR 2009 in Orlando, Florida. (If you didn't already stands for the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Realities.) I'll be there to present a paper on the game archetypes I expect to see when augmented reality matures and is combined with other technologies, like GPS and face recognition. Fun stuff, right?

If you're going to be there next week, I'd love to see you and say hi in person, and I'd also love for you to stop by and see what I have to say on AR and games. I might even sneak in a little bonus material on games ported to a platform vs. games native to a platform...

I'll be presenting during the 3:30 to 5om session on Tuesday in a room enigmatically named "Magnolia A&B." Wish me luck!

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