ARGology! It Lives!

And now that I'm a solid three weeks behind the news, I'd like to officially announce ARGology! This site is a volunteer effort by members of the IGDA's ARG SIG to create some much-needed resources for people who are trying to learn about the genre, or trying to tell others about the genre.

The ARGology effort has been spearheaded by the priceless-beyond-rubies Christy Dena with hosting and technical matters generously taken care of by the equally irreplaceable John Evans. This is in no way meant to minimize the contributions of the other volunteers who made ARGology a reality, name-checked along with their contributions in our announcement notice.

One thing about ARGology you may not know without poking around a bit: There's a listing for developers, including both studios and freelancers in the field. If you're interested in being listed here, drop me a line and I'll add you in.

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