Voices Readers, Please Weigh In

It's been over a month -- nearly two! -- since I launched Voices, and I wanted to take a moment to step back and look at what I'm doing and where I'm going. I'd also like to ask a few questions of those of you who are reading and taking part -- and those of you who aren't.

When I first planned Voices, I'd hoped to be able to update every day. (Hah!) Then I delayed updating, both because I'm chronically overscheduled, but also because I wanted to give more people a longer window to participate. I've generally fallen into an update schedule of once or twice a week.

So... how is that working for people? Is it enough to maintain momentum? Is more better? How would anyone feel if I went to a regular schedule of, oh, call it once a week on Wednesdays? Would such a small trickle of story be insufficient to maintain your interest? Or is my paltry volume already keeping you from keeping up?

If you haven't been keeping up so far, or have been reading but not talking, is anything in particular keeping you away? I adore and admire the participants I have already, but some of the fun things I have in my bag if tricks won't really work without a somewhat higher threshold for participation.

And while we're all here, are there any questions you have about the project and what I'm trying to do? If you want to tell me the whole thing blows and I'm full of myself, hey, now's your chance!

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