Reading: Fundamental or Not So Much?

I've just discovered that the Reading is Fundamental program is being jeopardized by serious funding cuts. (Apparently I'm a little late to the party; honestly I'm not sure how it's escaped my attention as long as all this.) Now, ordinarily I try to keep political and professional matters mostly separate, but in this case, the politics cut so close to the heart of what makes me who I am, personally and professionally, that I just can't let it go.

If I may quote myself from elsewhere:

My life has been incredibly shaped by the power of the word, and it would be a damn shame if a child missed out on the kinds of opportunities I've enjoyed because his or her mother was smart enough to know that buying a book isn't as important as buying the milk. Please contact your congressional representation and ask them to preserve the funding for this venerable and well-regarded initiative.

So yeah. Click the link, follow the instructions, happy happy. And thanks.

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