Frozen Grand Central Station

Art and life intersect: Grand Central Station Frozen. Go watch the video, then check back in here, 'k?

I love this on several levels. I'm a sucker for big performance art projects that inject something different into the everyday world. If I had been here, I'm sure I would have been all kinds of creeped out by it, but just because a work of art might be a little disturbing doesn't make it less worthwhile. Fear is just as important a theme for art as whimsy is.

I love the ambition of the project - 207 people! And Grand Central Station! I love the snippets of conversation from the innocent bystanders trying to work out what's happening. But most of all, I love the fact that it was something that could be done by a group of regular people, for no money. And I love that it made the everyday world of Manhattan just a little magical.

This is why I love ARGs. It's that sense of possibility; that maybe anything really can happen.

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