Introducing Madame Zee

I've got my fingers in a a few projects right now. Let's see: I'm midway through revising my novel, just starting a second, my three blogs, the MMO, the sorely neglected ARG SIG, and of course those fancy-schmancy cross-media gaming projects that theoretically pay the mortgage, and that I'm always looking for more of. (Hey, my hiring info is right over there ------> if you're a-hiring freelancers!)

But hey! That doesn't sound like nearly enough, does it, kids? And I've found, since the sad demise of Perplex City, I've very badly missed writing horoscopes. Who'd have thought, right?

So I'm pleased to announce my new little side project, Madame Zee's One-size-fits-all futures for the fabulously inclined. Go on, follow up and let me tell you what you have in store each day. I think it's going to be a fun ride!

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