Andrea Phillips: Career History

Interactive and Transmedia Projects

Lead Writer & Co-Game Designer • America 2049
Game design and writing for America 2049, a transmedia Facebook game set in a dystopian future, with human rights group Breakthrough.

Producer & Writer • Four Codes and Keys
Game design, strategy and production for Four Codes and Keys, a promotion for the band Death Cab for Cutie, with Six to Start.

Copywriter • The Maester's Path
Copywriting and interaction design for Campfire Media's marketing campaign for the HBO show Game of Thrones.

Lead Interaction Designer • Ready for the Big Chill
Interactive design for an alternate reality game about the dangers of unmonitored volcanoes with Red Magma Media.

Contributing Writer • Pandemic
Tweets and a short story for Lance Weiler's transmedia film and experience.

Interaction Designer & Writer • Drunk and On Drugs
Interactive design and writing for an as-yet-unreleased television project from Stitch Media.

Interaction Designer & Writer • Imaginary Friends
Interactive design and writing for an as-yet-unreleased project with Stitch Media.

Lead Writer & Game Designer • The 2012 Experience
Game and interactive design and writing for the 2012 Experience, a marketing campaign for the blockbuster Roland Emmerich film.

Executive Producer • My Super First Day
Concept, production, and writing, plus soliciting and editing contributions for My Super First Day, a massively collaborative storytelling project.

Lead Game Designer • Routes
Interactivity/game design and writing with Oil Productions for, an educational docudrama for Channel 4 Education. For more about Routes, see my summary.

Writer • True Blood
Forum copywriting and fictional news for the True Blood marketing campaign with Campfire Media.

Writer • @MadameZee
Quirky daily horoscopes via Twitter.

Web Writer • Cathy's Key
Web copy and design brief for Cathy's Key, an interactive novel by Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman.

Ad Hoc Polymath • Mind Candy
Writing, design, and production for Perplex City. Writing, event planning, website design, communicating with press, media planning and placement, puzzle design, voice acting, project management, and more.


  • America 2049 was nominated for the Games for Change Transmedia award and a Katerva award in May 2010.

  • Routes won the 2010 IVCA Gold in the Web 2.0 category, and also took the Grand Prix, in March 2010.

  • Routes won a BIMA in the Interactive - Content category in Nov. 2009. The project was also shortlisted in the categories of Online - Website, Informational, and Children's - Interactive.

  • Routes won the Prix Jeunesse International 2010 Interactivity Award.

  • Routes won the Broadband Digital Award in 2010 for Best Content Partnership.

  • Routes was also shortlisted for a 2009 BAFTA in Nov. 2009; a 2010 MediaGuardian Innovation Award for Use of Web Platforms in March 2010; and a UK Writer's Guild award in Nov. 2009.

  • Frozen Indigo Angel was nominated for a Radio Academy Edge Innovation Award in 2007.

  • Perplex City was shortlisted for a BAFTA in the Best Video Game category in Aug. 2006.

  • Perplex City received an Origins Vanguard Innovation Award in 2005. This game industry award is presented by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design for outstanding work in the game industry.


  • Chairman of the International Game Developers Association's Special Interest Group on Alternate Reality Games May 2009 – May 2010. Leadership Council Member and Founding Member of the SIG from Dec. 2005 to present.

  • Moderator of Cloudmakers, a 6000-member ARG community. This community, founded in May 2000, collaboratively played The Beast, a cross-media interactive campaign produced by Microsoft, marketing the film A.I. Contributed substantially to updates of the Trail and Journey, and edited the Editorials.

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